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My last nutrition post was July 2019! My daughter and I were starting a “nutritarian” (vegan on steroids) 42 day challenge by Dr Furhman. His Eat To Live book is must if you have any health issues. I made it all the way to lock-down in 2020. I love eating Vegan, but it does take time, shopping and for a while there we were still trying to figure everything out.

Like the rest of the world, the aim was to survive and build up everyone’s immune system. Our son had surgery early on for thyroid cancer and my husband developed shingles in the eye – horrors! Later on in December he defied death again with another rare and unidentified lung infection requiring extensive life threatening surgery. We all just prayed, Please don’t let him get covid too!

All that to say, I was not thinking much about my own diet or nutrition. and by the time 2021 came rolling through I needed a plan. I picked up Keto, my former go-to for a quick fix. So opposite to Veganism, it’s all meat and fat. I faithfully followed this until spring without the usual success- then sought something new. Why not the old fashion “no fat/low fat.”

Bingo! This meshed up well with fruits and veggies coming into season and has worked like a gem. The stored pounds started melting away. I took a trip and got off course a tad but no trouble picking up and charging on. The big wedding for our daughter is in 6 days and I’m down 12lbs. Thankful to find what will work at age 54!

Some time in the fall of 2019, my hip began to cause me greater and greater pain after running. Dancers over 50 are notorious for “labrum fissures” – tiny tears in the lining of the hip socket after many years of joint stress. Therapy via “pilates” has equal or better results to surgery. So I gave myself therapy for a year. Sadly, running isn’t on the schedule anymore unless I’m ready some serious pain afterwards. Slow walking, weight lifting, very straight lunges and lots of sit-ups are my daily routine. I’ll do whatever i need to to be fit for the grand babies.

Hope this update helps someone else 🙂

ForGlorySake! – Anna

Trying a selfie with the newest grand baby… how do moms do this? Haha
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