Another Opportunity

When I traveled with ballet Magnificat over 33 years ago 😵 we had this saying, “Just another opportunity for the Lord to be glorified.” Meaning, we need a miracle. I heard this often as our small troop of dancers faced high demands on a minuscule budget. During some 200 performances my first year; vans broke down continually, donations were often not enough to cover necessities- much less emergencies and the schedule was physically demanding weekly. We survived on the grace of God and a lot of faith!

Those were precious days. They taught me to wait and trust God for our next meal …next home-stay …and the strength to keep dancing across the country. God knew we needed fuel for both bodies and vehicles. He knew we needed nightly rest to keep going… and tires to get us to the each location. I remember once pulling off the road in the dark rain to pray for the broken windshield wipers on our bus! Like every other time, God provided. He sent a mechanic to that very spot who had worked on our type of old bus. He fixed the mechanism and replaced the wipers with new ones in his truck!

I kid you not.

We asked and He answered, time after time, miraculously. I don’t think I have ever experienced such daily God-ordained occurrences as during those years. It grew my faith in a deep deep way. I learned: God can and He will, because He already did yesterday. Our director reminded us often that God had called her to begin this ministry, had opened 100s of doors, so… off course He would provide what we needed.

All these things became precious building blocks preparing me for marriage and raising children. I hung onto those memories and the knowledge of all God had done. Through journaling I began to see that when He’s your ONLY hope of rescue, it will be miraculous. Delayed flights, lost keys, flat tires, illnesses mild or deadly, God is there to see us through and answer our needs in miraculous ways.

My life, my family, my day today offer ” Just another opportunity for the Lord to be glorified,” bringing Glory to His Most Glorious Name. Again, and again, and again. That’s something I can commit to do for next generation. Be an example of faith.

ForGlorySake! – Anna

Grandbabies xox
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