Worth the wait

Incase we haven’t had coffee together or lunch, you may not know: I’m the 1st to admit, I‘ve had issues. Selfish, pigheaded issues! And so have my kids. They unfortunately inherited my genes- as all humans do- sinful, willful, stubborn genes.

In my eyes, I could not have had cuter children or more precious, but they did not come out obeying, submissive or committed to doing God’s will. Like me, they were bent on their own ideas. It was trial and error that proved them poor Rulers.

When you see us all holding hands, laughing with our grown children, these things came with long suffering and many, many hours of prayer. God in His mercy didn’t make everything easy, but He made it rich and deep.

There are some scars from choices made, and the pain it caused, but oh the joy when love wins out! It’s been worth the wait. Worth the praying, and fasting and humbling. Harder than I’d ever had imagined but so, so worth the wait.

Don’t give up parents… keep praying!

ForGlorySake! -Anna

Our beautiful rebels

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