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Worth the wait

Incase we haven’t had coffee together or lunch, you may not know: I’m the 1st to admit, I‘ve had issues. Selfish, pigheaded issues! And so have my kids. They unfortunately inherited my genes- as all humans do- sinful, willful, stubborn … Continue reading

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Hound of Heaven

You know those stories Jesus told- the ones called parables? I’ve always loved the 2 about finding stuff. Sheep and coins. From what I read these items “weren’t really lost,  just misplaced” as my mom used to say.  “What man … Continue reading

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Carried Along

The other morning I froze in my tracks while gathering the trash cans. Coming across the street not 15 feet away was a long sleek momma otter with a baby in her mouth! It had been pouring rain for days … Continue reading

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Opened Heart

Tuesday, I sat with my two oldest homeschool buddies. All our kids, are nearly grown now. We laughed over having fought so hard to shield them when they were young. We stressed about everything, trying to choose the safest and healthiest … Continue reading

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The Aftermath

One of the most wonderful rewards that follows a prodigal’s return is restored relationship. A fresh start with new eyes and open hearts. Sweetness… and yet there’s pain to be surrendered daily. Pain of past betrayal and unexplainable behavior. Grief … Continue reading

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In My Weakness

Purposeful parenting to raise godly kids does not hinge solely on me – and I Thank God sincerely! Just for the record, my husband and I read all the books, listened to teachings, and even followed a parenting program complete with … Continue reading

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