Reaching, Spreading, Growing

I’ve been painting a big drippy scene with contorted tree in the center. I love the crags and twists and markings of age on the bark. I’ve always admired trees, especially big reaching, spread out monstrosities!

As I was working on some details with a pen yesterday morning, I felt God whisper to me, “You know all those cracks and lines and variations you love? Those scars show the tree for ‘who’ it is… where it grew and in what conditions. The beauty is in the marring.”

“So it is with you. It’s in the imperfections you see and the weathering… that I see beauty. It shows where I pushed and pulled and twisted through adversity and discipline in your life.”

“You bare the scars of My intense love that never leaves you as you are. I am always perfecting, always completing what I start. To make you more like My perfect Son. Rejoice that you are weathered and seasoned (in body, and soul)”

“In this time, in this place, you were planted to reach, to spread, to grow, for My Glory and your honor – unto Me.” This really blessed me and I hope it will bless you too.

ForGlorySake! Anna

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