Aging gracefully

Aging gracefully… well that’s the idea at least. I suppose it means –gently, but I mean it “with lots of humor and thankfulness.Time is moving fast. I’ve become grateful every morning simply for another day, another year, another chance to love and be loved.

My family is one of my biggest treasures. David and I agree, every moment invested has been and remains worth it! Our children have grown and become so capable – the boys and the girls. Amazing. Now they are bringing additions to our crowd.

The last daughter went to prom this year, and I can see the signs of what’s next. Senior year, college, more distant independence. Sigh. I wouldn’t trade it however, each milestone is a gem. It’s ok. It’s right. It’s time to let her fly.

I walk by the hall mirror …so many wrinkles! When did they overtake me? They have accumulated especially around the eyes. It’s from years and years of smiling and laughing. What a blessing!

Our faces become the evidence of life lived. Let the younger ones have their youth & beauty – I’m appreciating aging gracefully.

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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