Prayer List

  • A family apart for the birth of their 1st child – deployment for a year?!
  • A young teen boy and his fearful over-protective mother 
  • A neighbor with a small child facing a dramatic move across the world
  • 2 young men trying to guide a group of teenage boys on the “narrow path.”
  • A young woman launching into ministry- needing support.
  • Bills,
  • deadlines,
  • decisions,
  • new jobs,
  • so many hopes…

These all seem overwhelming to me but never to GOD. He says bring them here – lay them down. I didn’t create you to carry that, but to pray earnestly and let ME “worry” about them.

Oh the Peace… and with it JOY. HE holds them, HE holds me, HE has a bigger plan and I can trust it fully, totally.

 Thank You, for the privilege to pray.

ForGlorySake! –Anna

consider the lilies…
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