I love fiddleing with plants and flowers, especially digging around and rearranging. With no formal training …or much guidance, it’s been a tangle of trial and error. Once, I spent a whole year transporting monkey-grass clumps from my parent’s woods to our yard, creating borders around the front, side and back of our yard! 

Most of that project lived, but plenty of other more delicate plants have been killed. :/ One thing I learned was the careful handling of roots. Roots are such vital sources of life. They’re like little nutrient-straws that need plenty of room to grow. 

Moving our Freshman to college seemed as precarious as one of my transplant operations. I suddenly felt this terrible tearing away of heart and soul. It mattered not that we’d prepared. Ugh, if he’d been a plant… dirt was flying, roots were dangling and I wanted us all back in our same little yard! 

I swear Labor was easier. At least then I came home with something more precious than an empty XL duffle bag used for hauling sheets and towels up 4 flights of stairs. My job as Mommy has long since passed, sigh.  Even Mom has looser  connections… though I still hear it as needs arise.  God is full-time Caregiver now. And it’s up to our son to seek Him out.

I know the LORD has been on duty for a long time, but I still felt a-part. It’s tough to be so far away and relinquish all vigilant watch after 17 years! I’m finding myself out of yet another job. Hmmmm -there’s a pattern here. 

God please give this child of ours all he truly needs today in his new spot away from home. Thank You for staying with him and providing room for him to grow. You are his most excellent Gardener. -By the way, I have a big hole that needs filling.


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