Stop Everything!

God’s timing is curious. There’s no figuring it out in the moment, but sometimes, looking back the fuzziness clears. I’m in the fuzzy-part right now.

My husband, David, his bro-in-law, one of our sons and a cousin all went on a whirlwind spring-break trip to see colleges. Something planned months ago, before the move was even considered. Driving back from Texas, about mid-way through Mississippi, David complained of cramping in his lower abdomen… 

The pain leapt from a “2 to a 10” in about an hour, definitely not something you want to hear from the colon cancer survivor! Soon everyone panicked. His surgeon, via cell phone, beckoned them ASAP back to Birmingham. Speedily they made their way to St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Word got to me and I headed over to meet them there. David is currently admitted and in a room. Pain meds are flowing. His Dr. found a blockage in the small intestine. No mass however. They will give him 3 days to pass it naturally, before talking surgery. In the meantime, no food, no water, just ice chips.

Why now?  We were so close. But really, is it ever a good time to  stop everything and go to the hospital? We have been forced to rest – to sit and wait. My parents are covered ( care-wise) until we get back on track. I sure don’t understand, but I know God sees, He knows, and He’s here with us, as always.

I will choose to trust Him… 

ForGlorySake!– Anna

View from our room
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