Mountains and Valleys

David loves that I get fired up. He appreciates my enthusiasm and joy. But I can be so disappointed and crushed when discouraging things happen… especially things with our kids. We have been struggling with growing pains in our teens lately. I’m sure its a challenge to have your parents back after a taste of freedom.  

My husband is so even-tempered. He doesn’t go overboard emotionally. He knows we are all sinful and maturity is a process. But I am truly concerned at what I see as far as changed habits, attitudes, friends and distance from us. Theres a dark cloud -spiritually speaking- over 2 of our children and I am on the war-path in prayer.

I remember Elisabeth Elliot talking about God taking her mountains and her valleys and straightening them out as she became more mature in the Lord. I need this maturity. I love the highs of rejoicing in Jesus, but those lows are the pits! How can I keep my joy AND pray this darkness away?

Possibly, my heart is too tied up in my kids. And yet, this is the job God gave me. I am to train and teach these souls. I long for them to love Christ and desire to do His will. I want them to want to. I know I can’t do it for them, and this alone keeps me on my knees.

My heart is breaking over bad decisions and wrong choices. Choices that will bring regret. Each heart is different. There is NO fool-proof child rearing manual! Some of our children have needed little reprimanding, others TONS… and much of prayer to boot. I have clung to the notion that David and I dedicated out Marriage to God and then each child. We asked Him to bless them, speaking blessing over each one.  

“Because You have blessed them, God, they are really blessed – blessed for good!” 1 Chronicles 17:27 MSG

“They will not labor in vain, nor will they bear children doomed to misfortune; for they will be a people blessed by the LORD, they and their descendants with them.” Isaiah 65:23

These are my promises, now I will trust God with the timing.

ForGlorySake! – Anna

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