Is Peace ok?

So much chaos in our world. News, news, news… and precious little is good. I read of war while I’m sipping coffee. Listen to statistics of Christain persecution while working out. Pray for friends and relatives affected by this new variant. Then lie down at night in peace. Is that ok?

I can’t carry the weight of the world, God does that. However, I live on earth and aim to stay informed, mostly so that I can pray. But in the end, there are meals to prepare, a yard to cut and always quilts to sew. I lay the heavy news down and move on. Is that right?

Yes, I think it’s healthy and necessary for sanity-sake. Until crisis comes to my door. Yet even then, I wrestle to trust and let God carry me. It’s the only way through life with any Joy left to share. I push to read my Bible more than the news and listen to praise music while I pray for others. Like keeping a balance: pouring encouragement in, while the world drains me out.

We are told in God’s Word that as the End Times approach, things will become increasingly messy. Some days I feel like that time is here. God alone knows how messy it will get. I’m supposed to hold on, look up and wait on Him – with Hope in my heart and Joy in my soul for our deliverance, knowing that My peace could be the very lifesaver someone’s looking for. That unexplainable peace that doesn’t make sense in the circumstance.

Jesus-peace. The kind you get from knowing Him. And knowing the BEST is yet to come!

ForGlorySake! – Anna

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