Full Circle

It’s happened. I wondered when it would and how it would feel. Now I know. Our children are starting their married lives, arriving at an age I can clearly remember experiencing . They are living what David and I so enjoyed nearly 33 years ago. It’s crazy.

They’re falling in love, getting married, renting 1st apartments, starting 1st real jobs, making job changes, moving, looking for homes of their own, getting 1st pets, experiencing a 1st pregnancy, having babies!

My younger years are harder for me to tap into as far as emotions and feelings. However, if I think through my early 20’s I’m there feeling every thrill, reliving all the excitement as the drama unfolded. Each event led me to the next, which brought such growth and change.

Standing in the calm ocean, neck-deep with our son and his pregnant wife- it hit me hard, “I remember this! David & I stood in this same location at the same beach with my parents -at about the same point in life. My mom told me then, “Don’t wish this time away, that baby will never be less trouble than it is right now.” Haha

Mom’s words of wisdom were right of course. Yet I did wish my pregnancy faster and all the growing pains that eventually followed. Until today, as a grandma myself, I see the beauty of growing through each and every stage.

David and I have come in a lovely full circle, looking into the face of where we started. And it is a wonder. God is ever abundant with His blessings. Our own journey continues, of course, and we can’t see what’s ahead, but I’m determined to savor each new unfolding God offers ❤️ especially the ones of this next generation.


Thankful grandparents

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