Homeschooling Memories

Before we started our family I taught ballet to hundreds of dancers at several different schools. Their ages ranged from 5 to young adult. My focus was primarily technique and setting pieces for performances, but I dabbled in choreography and costume making. These stars-to-be came from all social backgrounds and skill levels… it was such a thrill to find a natural performer or some other God-given skill set.

5 years of teaching classes in 4 different states, gave me the opportunity to watch behavior in children. Something that stood out repeatedly were homeschoolers. I got pretty good at guessing who they were: they listened better, picked up faster and behaved above the crowd. This really intrigued me.

David and I spent time talking with the families. I had so many questions and they were eager to share their experiences. One mother of 13 really encouraged me, “If you can read, you can homeschool.” And she was right! We prayed and started our oldest with preschool, adding a grade each year and a new student every 2 years. Soon my bookshelf and schedule were full. Such fun, fun days of snuggling, reading, experimenting and learning together.

Today, I can’t believe how the homeschool movement has grown. Most of the country reluctantly and involuntarily gave it a try in 2020. I noticed, however new respect for parents who actually choose this route of education. I thrilled hearing about all the latest innovations and on-line help for moms. I might’ve lasted into the high school years if I’d had such support. As it was… our students became too smart for me and off they flew. I was thankful for the years I had with them.

Formal school definitely offered its unique avenues to each of our kiddos… for that I am grateful as well. Like I always say, God uses everything!

ForGlorysake! – Anna

Homeschool Days – Field Trip to TN

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