Investing 101

Out on an island, far from home, David and I love to sneak away together and spend time in June on just us. We have brought the kids in previous years… but never for the whole trip. This is our time to reconnect. Alone

We would rather forgo anything else: anniversary, Christmas and birthday gifts just to get away. I remember again how funny he is and the way he looks at me that makes me melt. He remembers I can be wooed! We serious-date. Priceless.

This was only a dream 32 years ago. As students, headed into law school living on loans and a ballet teacher’s salary… our hopes of adventure seemed impossible. With 5 consecutive pregnancies, we were just thankful to visit the beach with family.

Then after years, God opened doors. Every time we asked, He answered. Always more than I expected – far beyond my worth. Yet He says, “I called you, I chose you, I died for you – Thank Me for a little and I will show you more.”

…Dairy Queen, a tent, a borrowed cabin- it doesn’t matter. We’ve done it all with joy! Time is irreplaceable. Like a wise pastor recently said, “it can only be invested.” And the dividends? They’re immeasurable. As God promises, they are eternal. 


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