The pool man

How does God do it?! Deal with the dichotomy of life: joy, horror – order, chaos – peace, hopelessness. Side- by-side? It’s everywhere all at once. Mercy. How does He see and manage with each human at the same time?

Today, relaxing and reading my Bible, looking at an incredible view – I spoke with a man clearly in pain. He saw no beauty, even told me there was too much corruption and change happening to see anything else. Then admitted to back pain from a fall last Friday.

I listened and asked God silently if I could pray over him. While he was bending down working, I came closer and asked if he believed in God. He said yes and I told him I was going to pray for him. Immediately I touched his shoulder and said out loud, “Jesus I ask you to heal this back and lighten his load and open his eyes to Your beauty around, in Jesus’ name.”

He stood saying he was Catholic, but had not been to church since his mother died when he was 9. “He took her.” The wound was deep and old. So I just listened. Then I told him, “God sees you, He hears you, He loves you.” His eyes watered and he said, “No more, no more.” Swishing his hand, he bid me, “Good week,” and quickly left.

Hopelessness can be found anywhere, even on a beautiful island in the Caribbean. Today, I clearly saw that Jesus is the ONLY answer for true and lasting peace! Inner contentment and tranquility is found in my Hope of who God is and what He has offered me: God’s son, my Savior.

Bearer of all sin, Reconciler to Father-God, Deliverer from all evil, Healer and Lover of our souls – Come Lord Jesus, heal us!


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