Faith or just grace?

I wonder if it’s age that has driven the passion from most of my “whys?” and “how’s?” Maybe it’s the fact that my husband’s medical crises (plural) have become too many to seriously worry over all the details?

I could claim “ignorance is bliss” regarding this most recent illness. At least the seriousness of it and total cluelessness over the invasive surgery required. Both were surprises in timing, expense and length of recovery. Yet I wasn’t stressing like I should’ve.

Someone recently stated that the peace I had was due to my “deep roots of faith”… hmm. I agree, there has been ample opportunity for God to both test, and encourage faith’s growth. Literally trial and error has brought me some maturity concerning trust. But sometimes I think God brings contentment because of Grace.

Filling my mind lately with a myriad of stories from persecuted Christians worldwide ( has proven again and again the overwhelming Grace of God in the face of unexpected and dire circumstances. Mercy, provision, strength and favor in the worst of situations. And always, always I hear – Grace.

This Grace doesn’t seem to depend on the amount of someone’s personal faith. As in my case, sometimes I’ve been too confused and too tired with no strength left. That’s when it miraculously came like a flood, just where I needed because: God is forever faithful and loves His children. He has been my Solid Rock in the landslide, my Anchor in the storm.

Faith is a wonderful gift to cultivate and protect, yet even when I fall short in trust … my Father is there to hold me and prove He will never leave me or forsake me. He knows my name. God’s amazing Grace sent Jesus’ to die in my place, so that I can have abundant life no matter what else is happening.

Grace is far more than I deserve.

ForGlorySake! – Anna

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