Beauty and the Beast

“Theres a big black dog in my kitchen!” I said on more than one occasion after we moved to this house. I was alarmed at first, but soon made friends with our neighbor’s black German Shepherd that squeezed through the dog door. She’d quietly just appear and I’d text them at work, then take her home to her cage.

After a couple of years and a lot of growth, they called one day asking if we’d like to keep her. Their schedules had become such that they were rarely home and she was confined more and more. I had begun walking her and throwing the ball regularly in our back field, but keep her?!

I felt a little overwhelmed… my husband, however immediately stated, “Ask Rebekah.” He had to be kidding!! That’s like asking The Cookie Monster if they want a cookie factory. So, the Beast (Koda) moved in and the Beauty was thrilled… as was everyone else (-besides the cats)!

We’ve had her now for a year, and she is a precious spoiled creature. Early mornings she’s got me out throwing the ball in all kinds of weather, evenings are Rebekah’s to exercise her. Koda has taught us flexibility and discipline. She has even become a companion to our bird-dog in his golden years. She still does not like our cats, but they’ve found some peace separated by floors.

Interesting how God uses His animals in our lives… to soften us, make us more tolerant, even regulate our getting up and going to bed. I’ve had some of the most wonderful prayer times under sunrise skies. She made that possible!

Thank You Father for sending sweet Koda… hair and all!

ForGlorySake! – Anna

The shedding-est dog
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