Maybe it would be different…

Had I not lost my 1st baby and 4th baby and 7th baby to miscarriage,

Had we not been given the gift of another son who overcame his past and grew and flourished and succeeded,

Had I not stood by my husband through colon cancer, resection, sepsis, ileostomy, take-down, and double inguinal hernia repair,

Had we not struggled through months of financial loss, building a business back while drowning in an ocean of medical bills,

Had we not seen a child through rebellion, addiction, humiliation, out patient and recovery,

Had we not cared for and taken in aging parents with Alzheimer’s and dementia until the Lord took them home in front of us,

Had we not witnessed a daughter who pushed us away for several years, come home by way of Lyme Disease and it’s difficult diagnosis and long recovery,

Had we not watched another son deal with the stress of graduating in chemical engineering while managing a long negotiation process for his 1st job, only to discover thyroid cancer in the midst of a world pandemic and receive surgery the day the country shut down,

Maybe… if I had not lived through those things… my prayer would be different. But as it stands and as I’ve prayed through all these trials,

Your will be done, LORD. Use all this for our good and Your glory. It’s not for me to change Your plan, but to ask You not to let us miss anything. Don’t waste any of it, Father. In Jesus Name.

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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