Free of Anger

I wrote last time about how angry and frustrated I used to be. Along with a book that opened my eyes, I adopted some daily guides to ensure I would not go back to being that angry mom again.

Steps to a peaceful heart:

  • Wake up thankful! I could list what needs to be done, rehash yesterdays hasty word, or wish the weather was different… instead I choose every morning to say Thank You God for as many things I can think of. Life & Love are #1❤️
  • Feast on God’s Word! After making coffee, my next stop is journal & Bible. Wherever I am or how I feel, this draws my focus to God. Somedays there are no words, so I go back and read. Laugh or cry- God is good.
  • Fast from negative talk! …TV, radio, social media, even certain people. Negative, angry venues receive limited or no access for my own peace of mind. It’s just too easy to be influence by a complaining spirit.
  • Quickly forgive! My mom used to tell me, “keep short-accounts” – let nothing fester. Seeking wisdom to know what needs to be hashed-out and what can be tossed-out is important. Daily I ask for this, especially raising teens & young adults. Helps in marriage too.
  • Ask for forgiveness! Even at 50 this can be difficult, but when I’m wrong or hurtful – this is the first right. It makes everything better.
  • Let Go! Not sweating over the small stuff or the big stuff, but taking everything to God in prayer and leaving it there – made a huge difference. Trying to see He has a plan beyond mine and I can trust Him to even use the chaos, really helped me too.

It all takes practice, but these help keep my spirit calm and quiet. How about you?

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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