And when it’s impossible… it’s possible!

I love that Jesus said, what’s impossible for man is possible with God. Luke 18:27. What a wonderful hope that leaves me with in the face of bad news or a devastating diagnosis, or any dilemma of monstrous proportions!

When a person’s heart won’t change or an enormous bill is due or a ridiculous deadline needs to be met… God can and God has! Not always the way I imagined He might, but He did, somehow. Because He is the God of impossible.

I hated walking through those stressful times, yet now I love looking back. It makes me cry to remember the way He held us and came shining through for His Glory. That’s how my blog came into existence.

So when today’s troubles present another mountain of impossibilities, I laugh. All I have to do is read back and see. He’s my deliverer! He remains the same today as He did then. Whatever gloomy prognosis – He’s bigger, He’s awesome-r, He’s the One and Only Maker of Possible!

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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