When I was a young girl I thought I could possibly change the world, bring people to Jesus. I wanted to start from inside the world of ballet (dancing, maybe teaching) being a light, then later, I’d try being a mom. 

None of it played out as I envisioned, it was better! And God did give me opportunity and influence.

After a more than full career on the stage, traveling and then teaching, I got to become a wife and mom, with my own babies. Then a family to other kids we took in. They became some of my greatest investments for advancing the Kingdom. These opportunities offered me chances at unconditional love. Those small investments created huge dividends! 

I can not begin to add up the impact of hugs, a safe environment, and a listening ear have had. To hold someone’s hand and genuinely tell them about your personal hope in a faithful God and His love through Jesus – is awesome. 

To live in-love with my husband, in front of kids with no positive example, made an impression. We saw them changed by that. Some took the idea and ran with it. Their lives look different now, and the circles keep growing. Influence begets influence. I’m proud of all God has used us for.

He will use everything offered to Him. All our love invested. All our hope shared. Take a look around you and see your influence

ForGlorySake! –Anna 

More than we imagine…
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