What’s so important about getting together with other Christians? As a group specifically… Why gather? Why pray? Why study God’s word? My current women’s Biblestudy is looking at the Road to Emmaus story Luke 24:28-31.    

  • On the road to Emmaus, 2 men were walking together discussing the death of Jesus when suddenly He was there along side them.

Why gather? We need the encouragement it brings. Jesus also promises to be in our midst when we get together, Matt. 18:20. I like when other believers are near to hug and speak and listen. They are Jesus in person. That can’t happen unless we purpose to get together and communicate.

  • The men invite their new friend to eat. They didn’t realize it was risen-Jesus, they just wanted to hear more of  his teaching.

Why pray? Jesus taught His disciples how to pray, Matthew 6:9-13. He also said to pray together in agreement, asking for anything and it will be done by His Father in heaven, Matthew 18:19-20. 

  • When the men sat down to eat and Jesus broke and blessed the bread, their eyes were opened!

Why study God’s word together? Jesus is the Bread of life, John 6:48. He is also the Word of life, 1 John 1:1. When we sit down and study the Scriptures together, learning about Him, our eyes are opened. Truth flows and our hearts and minds are changed by The Word. It never goes out and returns void. There is always a harvest. 

Each week that we meet, needs are shared. Eyes are opened by God’s Word. Perspective is gained. We all have something to give. It amazes me Jesus is our guest. Our problems don’t disappear, but the burden is shared. We help each other. The reward has been friendship… and a little more Jesus. 


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