Gathering Together

My Women’s Biblestudy has taken on marriage as a topic this fall. This has ignited great discussions of everything from how we survived the newly-wed years (mostly poor and in school), to preparing for the empty nest syndrome, complete with hot flashes!

We are staunchly pro-marriage, but within that have found the freedom to say how tough creating a good marriage can be. The choices we’ve all made along the way to keep this thing going were not always easy!

There are scars among our tight-knit group, but lots to celebrate too. So, how do we find JOY in the now after all these years? What do we do with any lost expectations of how it should’ve gone? How can we encourage those coming behind us?

 Life proves rather messy and surprising. If we don’t look carefully, we may miss some of the incredible blessings that have come our way. Getting together in a group to share hurts and happiness brings all the more to light. Stories remind us: we are not where we were… and we shouldn’t give up if we aren’t where we want to be.

There is always hope for change, always room to grow as long as we’re alive. With a good dose of laughter and an aim for fun, we can breathe new life into our marriages. God IS faithful, He is FOR our unions and He has spelled out in His Word that we should gather together and encourage one other in Jesus.

I pray you will seek out a group or just one woman to share life with, it does make a difference. 


Me and cousin Ashley
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