Not just another Graduation

In 72 hours our son, will graduate!!! This will not be your average celebration. This is huge. He has successfully come through 2 and 1/2 years of invaluable counseling from an incredible program with some of the most caring, loving, giving mentors we’ve ever come across. 

These folks saved our child’s life by offering tools to live by – as he choses. The counselors at Insight have been consistent and focused on a daily basis. They truly understand the kids they work with because, they too went through recovery as teens. As nuts as I thought some of the program’s antics were, each event has had a purpose. Crazy hours, wacky group hang-outs, and addict-to-addict mentoring. All part of their format.

Counselor’s also share and empathetically listen on a daily basis… constantly encouraging, yet never enabling. All this showed us, over time, a better way to do life. Believe it or not, I thank God daily for this uncomfortable journey He’s taken us on. It’s opened my eyes to so, so much and it’s made an incredible person of our son! I like to think it has changed me too. I am especially grateful for all those God put in our path to love.

Thank you,  Jeanine, for the direction on who to call in our moment of crisis. To Marcos Sanchez– who met us and directed us to Insight. For Insight’s amazing director, Matt Myers, patiently explaining the program and calming our fears. The incredibly talented counselor, Talbot! To wise Mike– challenging our kid to be the leader he is. And all the countless families in the program housing and feeding our son and allowing us to reciprocate.  

Lastly, to the sponsors and safety net crew that stayed close and listened, offering, “You can do this, I did.” Thank you! You have all been part of growing a lost soul into the man he was created to be! This is my celebration. This is what I longed for- He is the God who brings the dead back to life. He calls you worthy to save.

ForGlorySake! Anna                                            

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