A Place To Start

When I’m stressed out, I definitely need extra help focusing my thoughts. Staying on-point in any form can be a challenge. Some days darn near impossible. I’ve left  both keys and phone in strange places. I’ve forgotten to do very normal, everyday activities like feed the animals, or the children, or myself. And when someone’s talking directly to me, I’ve completely tuned them out.

Life and death stress will do that to you! Heck, any kind of stress can put my brain on overload. I remember moments of kneeling and my mind racing in all directions. I would cry for lack of words. I’d hold my Bible and my memory would just go blank. One of my friends, in this state, left her car running while she was in the movie theater!! Thankfully it wasn’t stolen.

In times like these, more than ever before, we need to feel the peace of God.

 A dear friend gave me a small devotional once. It became my life-line. This short daily message with a few verses was such a treasure. Just a quick word of hope, that I didn’t have to think too hard over. It offered a jumping-off point. I remember clinging to that book and my Bible in hospital rooms and waiting areas.

A place to start is sometimes all we need. A blog, or list of verses on hope or trust, can launch into further study, or just be a light snack for our soul when a whole meal might make us choke. Next time you find a loved one (or yourself) in a place of worry, a favorite devotionally may be just the gift to see them through. 

ForGlorySake! -Anna

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
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