Pancakes..and a side of Jesus

Our second-born attracts strays. Not animals, but kids. Since he turned about 8, we’ve seen a steady stream of boys following him into our yard and into the house. It didn’t matter age or social status. We were soon over-run with boys eating and sleeping in our home.

As I’ve written before, this brought positives and negatives. In hind-sight, my husband and I were very naive, yet I believe God used what we offered in His name. He heard every prayer and will bring a return on every Word of His spoken.

Today, we again have a steady stream of boys through here. The Insight Program uses a buddy system with an individual sponsor and a safety-net of peers for each kid. They’re all after the same goal – sobriety. And they all have accountability. Such a blessing.

New faces sleep on our couches and eat at the kitchen counter. I dare say, some of my friends think we’re nuts to be doing this again, but our hearts have not changed. We still want to love lost boys and share Jesus with a side of pancakes or homemade cookies. There’s a lot of help this time – a whole program!

ForGlorySake! -Anna

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