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Reaching Out

As Believers we have been given such a gift! A hope, a joy, an assurance by grace, a peace, an intimate knowledge of the One True God. How can I not reach out and share this amazing love with any … Continue reading

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Eyes to see

beyond this realm on the horizon where hope can dwell. Beyond what’s visible where spirit soars where giving leads and blessings pour. Trustful belief In provision prepared assurance that God has already been there. That’s where I live there to … Continue reading

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Exercise the Will

Everyday I have choices: how long to linger in bed, what to wear, how much coffee to drink, even whether to smile. I can look at my “to do” list and let feelings of being overwhelmed consume me… or just … Continue reading

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Midway on any project can be so encouraging. Half-way there on a trip can be just the ray of hope needed. But how do you know where that point is exactly? Especially when you travel down an unmapped road? This … Continue reading

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A sweet older lady recently complimented me on our large family saying, “It’s so nice to see a family that’s not dysfunctional these days.”  I nearly burst out laughing because we have not been the model family and we definitly are … Continue reading

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Isn’t that a wonderful word? It seems so fresh and full of breath, it offers such hope. Jesus says in Him I will have “abundant life.” But when I compare that promise to what I see happening around me, I … Continue reading

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Year of Experiences

December is here again… another year winding down. Days and weeks have passed stuffed with experiences. More joys and concerns than I can count and continually bring before God.  His faithfulness astounds me, yet not all my questions have been … Continue reading

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In Him

all things are made new all things are possible all things reach completion all things have purpose all things bring blessing all things come together all things work for good all things hold together all things are restored all things … Continue reading

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Sure and Certain

With all of the questions and mystery still swirling around our daughter’s health, I’ve been searching for anything to tie to. We’ve even directed to a new MD (specialized ENT who looks at all symptoms as a whole). Finally someone … Continue reading

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What if?…

Today is a day we have both dreaded and waited for. Today those particular tests the neurologist requested will finally be run. It seems like it’s taken forever. It has only been a week. To a college student however, days … Continue reading

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