Pray For Your Husband


The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Ormartian, offers a prayer focus everyday.

We as wives have an incredible opportunity to come before the throne of Grace with God’s FULL blessing and pray for our husbands daily! Whether you are married to your closest friend and soul-mate or someone who feels like a total stranger, you’re not even sure you like- PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!!! God promises.

Try it and see. I challenge you to begin to pray today. Stormie’s book is wonderful and has prayers to say out loud if you don’t feel very confident, or you can search the topic in a Bible concordance and use the verses you find to pray a blessing over your husband.

Day 1. Pray for your husband’s wife. Ask God to make any needed changes.
Day 2. Pray for his work. Ask for blessing and fulfillment.
Day 3. Pray over his finances. There’s freedom when they’re yielded to God.
Day 4. Pray for his sexuality. Health and your roll in that.
Day 5. Pray for his affection. What he needs to receive, what he needs to give.
Day 6. Pray over his temptations. Protection, deliverance, openness to listen & pray.
Day 7. Pray for his mind.  Pray for discernment of lies and claim the mind of Christ.
Day 8. Pray over his fears. You know better than anyone what they are. Ask God to reveal His love and healing.
Day 9. Pray for his purpose. Ask to have that revealed, everyone is here by God’s design.
Day 10. Pray over his choices. Ask God to guide and give him wisdom.
Day 11. Pray over his health.
Day 12. Pray for his protection. Both his coming and going.
Day 13. Pray for him in his trials. Ask for trust and hope in God; attitude is everything.
Day 14. Pray for his integrity. Ask that he would want to please God alone.
Day 15. Pray for his reputation. Ask for him to value his name. Ask for protection of his name.
Day 16. Pray for his priorities. Pray he’d put God 1st, wife 2nd, children 3rd. Pray that you would be an example with the same.
Day 17. Pray for his relationships. Ask God for godly influence in his life.
Day 18. Pray for his fatherhood. Ask God to give him guidance, wisdom and due respect.
Day 19. Pray for his past. Ask God to bring healing of any bad memories and to help him move beyond the past.
Day 20. Pray for his attitude. Ask God to fill him with praise, thanksgiving, love and joy.
Day 21. Pray for his marriage. Pray against ANY division, pray for complete unity.
Day 22. Pray for his emotions. Pray that he would be set free from any negative ones and refreshed by the Holy Spirit.
Day 23. Pray for his walk. There are many verses if you word-study “walk”. Ask that he walk morally, uprightly, in obedience & integrity, with godly advisors & people of wisdom, without fault and on the Path of Holiness.
Day 24. Pray for his talk. Ask that it be always full of grace and seasoned with salt- Colossians 4:6
Day 25. Pray for his repentance. If needed pray for a total change of heart and conduct.
Day 26. Pray for his deliverance. Ask for him to be rescued from evil and hopelessness.
Day 27. Pray for his obedience. Ask for a desire to obey God’s ways to be in you both.
Day 28. Pray for his self-image. Pray for a revelation that he is the image and glory of God- 1Cor. 11:7
Day 29. Pray for his faith. Ask that his ability to believe in God would be enlarged.
Day 30. Pray for his future. That God would give him the hope of a good future.

2 Responses to Pray For Your Husband

  1. I love this! Thank you for sharing! A great encouragement to all wives!

  2. These came from the Stormie Omartian books- I love them! I started praying these prayers for my husband when he was diagnosed with cancer (2010), then added in our teenage son who was struggling with life at that time. I soon found her Praying Parent and its now completely dog-eared and worn from using it on all the kids in our life.

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