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Years fly by, wrinkles deepen, hair lightens, details grow fuzzy – family members pass and new ones are added Addresses accumulate, along with photos and possessions, but it’s these faces I treasure and the stories they tell Smiles, laughter, talking, … Continue reading

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Through all of this 2020 pandemic chaos, there’s a sensation I’ve had of standing alone, being alone, feeling alone. I’ve heard others express the same… I know I am never actually alone. God allowing difficulties and hard times is frustrating … Continue reading

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Making sense

Times are strange. My search for truth continues through all of the shifting sand we are living in. Daily I look for which scriptures apply. I don’t necessarily mean prophetically… although that’s fun to speculate. Jude 1:18 …”At the end … Continue reading

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Shifting Sand

2020… Pandemic, quarantine, school closures, reopening, vaccine trials, disputes over masks, censorship, contact tracing, riots. All words I never thought I would use or even read. And all hot topics and headlines from the news today. Amazing times, amazing year. … Continue reading

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The Squirming Place

The squirming place lies between prayers sent, and answers that come. It’s when I’ve called out and even surrendered my will, but there’s silence. I can feel the anxiety and suffering, yet relief is only hoped for. Why does God … Continue reading

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Brazilian love

In my heart I journey south… way south. 10,000 miles, to a country with children I love. Over the years: 6 through Compassion International and countless others with Hope Unlimited. Beautifully tan and dark headed, their eyes look at me … Continue reading

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That was then, this is now

Now… what a strange time. We are home, quarantined, together. Eight of us in the same house. It’s not like we haven’t lived together for so many years, but this is different. Two are home from college – apartment contents … Continue reading

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Maybe it would be different…

Had I not lost my 1st baby and 4th baby and 7th baby to miscarriage, Had we not been given the gift of another son who overcame his past and grew and flourished and succeeded, Had I not stood by … Continue reading

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Tried & tested

Tried and tested, stretched and pulled pushed to the end of me, don’t know what’s happening, can’t see the end wondering where this will lead. So many thoughts, are swirling about can’t seem to get a grip, God of mercy, … Continue reading

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Strengthen yourself in God

The story of David in the Bible is so exciting. Chapter after chapter he’s in the thick of battles and conflict, fighting, running for his life, even hiding in caves. Protect me as You would protect the pupil of Your … Continue reading

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