Focusing My Mind

The LORD says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you. Psalm 32:8 (NLT)
I run a big household and some days there is a cacophony of noise in my head, that can be overwhelmingly distracting! I was beginning to think I’m a chronic daydreamer as it’s been brought to my attention more than once lately- I’m not listening… “Mom, you’ve got that funny look again.” My kids are right, of course, but I’m not ignoring them or dreaming… I am listening… to all that noise!
It’s the sound of a constant review of everyone’s schedule for the day… for the week… for the month, the list of phone calls to return, emails to return and bills due, the grocery list, prayer list, and possibly rehashing of a past conversation or thinking through a future one. Sometimes I’m just wondering how something might play-out. And with my elderly parents having moved in… the scheduling of caregivers alone can take quite a bit of time to figure. :/
One of the things we were taught in our parent support group for our child-addict is to, “live in the moment.” The idea was presented that parents tend to “future trip” -worry about tomorrow and all the “what ifs” that could come. We were encouraged to focus only on today, be thankful for today’s sobriety, and remember it’s not dependent on us!
Definitely good counsel, and it gets me thinking further about “focusing my mind” in general. I can be sure:
 1. God has not lost His sovereignty because of whatever is going on right now.
2. He remains in control at this very moment, and I can have total peace about the details of my day.
3. God holds IT ALL under His loving gaze and in His faithful care.
4. I’m not in control – He is and that’s a good thing.
Really this helps my swirling thoughts (that, and keeping alarms and lists on my phone so I won’t forget people!). For me, the challenge remains, to quiet my mind and my heart as I go. That way I can stay present to those around me. It’s ok to go ahead make all the plans, utilize those lists, and then “let go” of my controlling grip allowing life to play out.
“Lord, will You guard our lives today against any unnecessary activities. Help us to make wise plans and then allow You to lead. You are for our well-being and for our children’s too. Thank You for being in control. Keep our minds stayed on You, In Jesus’ name.”

All the crew with our newest care-giver, Mindy :)

All the crew with our newest care-giver, Mindy 🙂

ForGlorySake- Anna

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