Afraid? Fear not.

Some 300 times in scripture God says “fear not.” In other words, “have peace, you can trust Me!” Angels appearing, crisis happening, things that clearly cause fear… and God says, “don’t, stop.”

I have been in scary situations, such as sudden accidents, and it’s really hard to stop fearing on a dime. Sometimes an inner-calm has come immediately after prayer… sometimes it hasn’t. Fear can often gnaw and grow if left unchallanged.

What am I so afraid of?? I don’t fear if God is there, or whether He can hear me, or that He might not want to help. I fear this trial may be something He allows to continue and it may be uncomfortable… even painful. This could possibly last a long time, change my life, bring separation.

The good news? I do not have to fear because He loves me. I can NEVER be separated from Him! And He promises to use every tiny thing for my good and for His Glory. Whether I feel He caused it -or allowed it to happen, He remains Sovereign and will use it…all.

Trails are inevitable. Pain is a given. God ways will forever be higher than ours. He prunes to bring forth fruit. He disciplines/trials those He loves. So I will “fear not” He is to be trusted, my troubles achieve Glory!


Explanations come later 😉
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