He Does Restore!

I waited so long… 7 years in-fact. Not as long as some, but it sure felt long to me. My “right hand, little brain (-before smart phones), organizing-helper” pushed away somewhere around 16 years old.

It was, as they say, a slow fade. So frustrating for any parent. Growth and change are necessary, but hard. Especially when you realize an unseen shift or division has taken place. I tried several things: conferences, “dates”, heart-to-heart talks, counseling. Prayer, prayer, prayer…

But there was a barrier I could not get past. And life was increasingly and overwhelmingly full!! It was as if I were being pulled away… until suddenly realizing a treasure had been lost in the process. My daughter’s friendship. Tragic.

So, I began fasting regularly . And seeking promises of “return & renewal.”

God answered. In His time. In His way. He has answered ALL of my pleas and more! He gave me my daughter back x10. More than I even dared ask for or imagine. Richer, stronger, deeper is our bond.

I understand the reasons now…we have shared our hearts and minds. It all makes sense, but it isn’t easy to look back.

Instead we have both decided to simply trust Him with the past and praise Him for the future. He will not allow anything to be wasted or go unused to His Glory! That I will tie to. That I will look for daily. God IS good and He does restore. Praise Him!

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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