2 Months of Keto & Beyond

Well, 60 days have nearly passed on Keto and as a whole, I felt the plan was (with careful attention!) healthful. I did reach my goal of losing 10lbs, although I also had a stomach virus toward the end that boosted results. 😜
Things I LIKE about Keto are: its effective results while maintaining a nutritional focus. Plenty of calories! Eating fats that are said to guard against dementia/Alzheimer’s.  Great recipes with low glucose content. A curb in my coffee and chocolate intake.
Things I do NOT like about Keto are: exercising in a fasting-state. Feeling weak when I work out 😝 This became such a problem I stopped running. Bad breathe (!) from eliminating keotones. Even with chewing gum constantly, but my family complained about an “odd smell.” Some info I read stated it would fade over time… 60 days is a long time
Recently, I ate a large date (15 carbs!) and ran an effortless 3.5 miles. I did not feel faint. I then enjoyed an egg with veggies, a lowcarb muffin and fruit with my one (!) cup of coffee & cream. I’ve craved vegetables and fruits so much!!! As well as breakfast- the meal of champions 🙂  
Hoping to stay healthy and aware of what fuels me, I’m moving forward into a “less-carb” existence that includes ALL of my beloved veggies and fruit. I’ll keep you posted – incase you’re interested. I would, BTW do this experiment again, as the need arises. I have learned so much from so many sources about the benefits of Keto.
ForGlorySake! Anna

Still a fav -BLT with avacado on Quickcarb bread & a few Whisp cheese crackers 👍🏼👍🏼

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