Seed Sprouting

For me, vacation and running go hand in hand. I love being outside and seeing the sights and talking to God. I’m always amazed how repetition of anything brings increased ease. Before long I’m going farther… faster.

Any good habits like eating well, reading (especially my Bible), writing, painting, choosing my words… increase an appetite as I feed them. Neglected, they just shrivel up.

My husband and I consider our relationship “good and close.” For 28 years we’ve felt connected, yet the dailiness of life can put us in a rut. Carving out time alone is eye-opening. The focus of one on one attention immediately rekindles old sparks.

I think God must really enjoying inspiring and rejuvenating His kids; proving Himself yet again through sowing and reaping.

All this encouraging me to live with purpose – seek a better way, His way – think before I speak – offer all I do for His Glory – ask moment by moment for direction to best use my energies.

Because I believe: what I feed today will grow tomorrow. And, whatever I’m growing will be weighed and judged someday.

What are you sprouting?

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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