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I AM with me.

Sit. Wait. Feel His touch, His healing touch. It stills my running heart and eases my soul’s questions. You are the Answer, and all the answers are “yes” in Jesus. Yes, You are here. Yes, You are in control. Yes, … Continue reading

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Eyes to see

beyond this realm on the horizon where hope can dwell. Beyond what’s visible where spirit soars where giving leads and blessings pour. Trustful belief In provision prepared assurance that God has already been there. That’s where I live there to … Continue reading

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Gumball parenting

I remember begging my mom for a penny or even better, a nickel to buy a big gumball. That was the reward for going grocery shopping with her. Isles and isles of decisions and conversations with strangers. 😂 -sounds familiar. … Continue reading

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No Panic-mode

I’m just finishing up another terrific 7 week Bible study session with my girlfriends. The story of Gideon has taught us so much about God using the weak not just inspite of their weaknesses… but because of them! God meets us … Continue reading

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Grace in place of Grace

“From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another.” John 1:16 NIV The Christian life can be described as a constant receiving of one evidence of God’s grace replacing another. The “fullness of His grace” is … Continue reading

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My Hope Jar

A Hope Jar is something I dreamed up when a close friend struggled with liking her husband. I thought it would be helpful for her to see for all the things she could admire about him by dropping a penny … Continue reading

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