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When the weight of stresses press down… breathe.When troubles aren’t answered today… breathe.When the schedule holds more than humanly possible… breathe.When it’s just too much for too long… breathe. “The Spirit of God has made me, And the breath of … Continue reading

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Anxious Thoughts

Oh how I can stress… worry, fret and think on things round and round. Seems some parts of the month are easy and joyful while others are harder and way more exhausting. Hormones? “When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, … Continue reading

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Coming out/Going in

….Well, we’ve done it again. Moved! My parent’s home (that we were all living in) is on the market and we are in our own place again. What an eventful 2 years! Sad to leave, I asked God to help … Continue reading

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When the going gets tough… and stays tough.

This is not the first storm our family has weathered. We’ve toughed it out through some doozies, but this newest venture is really hard. Maybe it’s the constant-ness of it or the fact that they’re my parents. It could be … Continue reading

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I am of that infamous group, the “sandwich generation” – ones caring for parents while still raising their own children. The longer we do this crazy blended living we more we run into others doing the same thing. I look at … Continue reading

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A Place To Start

When I’m stressed out, I definitely need extra help focusing my thoughts. Staying on-point in any form can be a challenge. Some days darn near impossible. I’ve left  both keys and phone in strange places. I’ve forgotten to do very normal, … Continue reading

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God's Unfailing Love

 In November I decided to focus my attention on confidence. Confidence in who God says He is and what it means for me to daily come with confidence before the throne of grace.I really wanted to grasp what God was … Continue reading

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What's Important?

When I was a young mom with just 1, and then 2 kiddos, learning to juggle humans…I wanted to do everything well. Each morning I woke up with a list planned in my head. It read something like: take a shower, have some … Continue reading

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