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At 52, What’s New?

I haven’t written in a while about exercise, nutrition and health. I’m 5 solid months into my new year and feeling strong. In January I was still running about 3x a week with weight lifting on other days. I also … Continue reading

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Macros and Me

A year ago my chemical-engineering son explained counting macros to me and their importance. Since then I’ve been playing around and adjusting percentages, looking for the perfect balance. I’ve given each trial  about 5 months. It’s a lot of fun … Continue reading

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A Running Anniversary

At 35, 15 years ago, I decided to try running. Alternating a run then walk from one mailbox to the next was all I could manage, trying to rid my body of residual baby-weight. It took me 2 years before … Continue reading

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Pain: physical suffering or distress and mental or emotional torment… affliction, agony, discomfort. Nothing can change my schedule faster! It has caused me to stop running and limp home. It has made me drop bush clippers and hurry for a bandage. … Continue reading

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