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Psalm 23 & Covid19

Everyday of quarantine I’ve woken up with Psalm 23 ringing in my ears. Today I realized the correlations clearly after reading a fearful article in the paper on governmental control… Ultimately the LORD is my Shepherd, not the president or … Continue reading

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I AM with me.

Sit. Wait. Feel His touch, His healing touch. It stills my running heart and eases my soul’s questions. You are the Answer, and all the answers are “yes” in Jesus. Yes, You are here. Yes, You are in control. Yes, … Continue reading

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Free of worry

For Jen: No need worry, No need doubt No biting nails, No need to pout, He’s your Dad, Your biggest fan The One who made the sun, the sand. He holds the world, He counts your hairs He’s made each soul, Knows all your cares, We … Continue reading

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It Is Well

Rest. Peace. Quiet. Some words that come to mind since my mom passed mid-May. Yesterday, the last day before leaving town for a few weeks, I went kayaking alone on a nearby creek. Normally I would have been a flutter with … Continue reading

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I’ll Fly Away- Oh Glory!

Sunday, Feb 1, 2015 8:02pmHallelujah! My Dad has graduated, and he lives!I am full of joy to think of him having escaped the confines of this world and that hospital bed. Stretching his legs and back. Moving freely again. Speaking,No … Continue reading

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