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Thankful for it all…

What a wonderful 2018 Christmas! A season full of blessings after a rough fall for David… for all of us. His “mysterious lung mass” was still hanging on after 2.5 months of antibiotic infusions! Amazingly his Dr allowed him to … Continue reading

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Grace – I think about it constantly. It’s in my prayers every day. I read about it again just this morning in a perfectly timed email. Can we truly ever get to the bottom of it’s well? Can we define … Continue reading

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A New Year

A new year crept in last night… around 11:59 to be exact. Before I could gather all my thoughts, it was simply here and the clock without reverence kept right on ticking. It was as if it were no big … Continue reading

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Evidence Not Seen a story about a missionary to Indonesia who is taken prisoner by the Japanese during WWII. On death row, accused of being a spy, her only daily activity was climbing the wall of a tiny cell to peek … Continue reading

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