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What I got wrong.

That we needed to be perfect parents 🙏🏼 That if we did all the prescribed things, the kids would just fall in line 😂 That prayer was just for me🙏🏼 That Christmas was all about presents🎁 That coffee was just … Continue reading

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Gumball parenting

I remember begging my mom for a penny or even better, a nickel to buy a big gumball. That was the reward for going grocery shopping with her. Isles and isles of decisions and conversations with strangers. 😂 -sounds familiar. … Continue reading

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Little Princess

I remember the day she entered the world. How can a mother forget her 1st labor?! Literally this child -after we settled her from the rude “spank of life” -lay in my arms with eyes WIDE open, fingers and toes … Continue reading

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1John 4:16

1John 4:16 We know how much God loves us, and we have put our trust in His love… Mentally exhausted from my week of caring for my parents, I went to a new women’s Biblestudy today. I usually host a … Continue reading

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Tindell's Blog

I loved this blog by Tindell Baldwin about prodigals. I am not so much one personally (although who can say they’ve never strayed from God’s best?), but I am the mother of at least one. I can get bogged down in … Continue reading

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