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I’m the one

I’m the one who gets to hear their hearts, share their joys, carry their sorrows. I’m the one who gets to say “good-morning” and “goodnight,” with a kiss and a hug. I’m the one who has the privilege of praying … Continue reading

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Becoming the mom I want to be…

Believe it or not after 24 years of “mothering” I still haven’t fully arrived! It’s an on-going, ever-changing job – this motherhood business. Mostly because our children keep changing. There were the baby & early years where it was all … Continue reading

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Me, a Professional?

Surely if you’ve done something repeadedly for 20+ years you’re considered an expert …of some sort.  Plugging away at my new office job has granted me a fresh respect for the 9-5 workforce! There’s much to learn and I’m thankful … Continue reading

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