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Feed the Soul

Soul food is usually high calorie, high carb, full fat and sweet! Hits all the no/no’s on any regular diet list. It just tastes good and makes you feel wonderful at the moment. Sometimes my soul is depleted and hungry … Continue reading

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No not because of the diet. Although I will say eating less takes effort …and more water and gum! Several times I’ve wandered to the pantry to see what’s there, stared blankly and realized whatever I thought I was looking … Continue reading

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I came to God so dry today. It’s been a tough weekend. I have felt stretched thin and ready to cry often. I pushed through, kept on trying and finally made it to Sunday night collapsing in bed. “And God … Continue reading

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So Long Insecurity!

I heard it takes about 30 days to exchange a positive habit for a negative one. Exercise, eating habits, word choices, work ethics, attitudes. I used to play and replay negative mental recordings in my head. I would put myself down, … Continue reading

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