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Not just for me

I kept a book close at hand in 2010, Pearls of Great Price by Joni Erickson Tada. A quadriplegic woman who’s lived in a wheelchair as long as I’ve been alive. The wisdom from her experiences are rich treasures. Her devotionals … Continue reading

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Solid Evidence

My blogs are like a huge pile of rocks – a reminder of the things God has done. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to actually build a large mound in our front yard! But David wasn’t so sure. … Continue reading

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Prayer List

A family apart for the birth of their 1st child – deployment for a year?! A young teen boy and his fearful over-protective mother  A neighbor with a small child facing a dramatic move across the world 2 young men … Continue reading

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Time to Pray

I love vacation! It always gives me more time to reflect and pray. Sitting in the early morning with coffee and journal asking God, “What do You see about -this? How can I pray better for them?” Time to wait … Continue reading

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7 years ago…

Christmas is a happy time of memories for me. I love to look at photos of holidays past. This one from my in-law’s house is especially wonderful. David, just out of the hospital after a long and near-death experience. He … Continue reading

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It lurks around the corner, sneaking up and tripping me when I least expect it. Pride the base of all sin, is usually easier to see in someone else, even while it’s staring me in the mirror. The other day … Continue reading

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Year of Experiences

December is here. Another year winding down. Days and weeks have passed stuffed with experiences. More joys and concerns than I can count or bring before God enough.  His faithfulness astounds me, even as my questions have not been answered. … Continue reading

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What God Uses…

Appointments have come and gone with a lot of medical professionals: an ENT, Optometrist, Neurologist and Neuro-ophthalmologist!  Few answers have been given. We actually know more about what’s NOT going on than what IS. The MRI readings confirm no growth on … Continue reading

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The Steady One

After months (about 9) of strange symptoms, our oldest daughter finally agreed to come home and see an ENT for answers. Away at school even staying for at the summer semester, she did not want to take time off. But … Continue reading

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Glory? I'm moving

Writing, “Ben & Abby’s wedding shower, 2pm” completely blew me away. My eyes blurred thinking about our sweet son, nearly 4 years sober and his beautiful bride-to-be. Only God can bring about change and blessing like this! Again my promise came to mind… … Continue reading

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