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Comparing Originals

God is so incredibly creative that spots and stripes on animals have different and original patterns. Each snowflake is unique and each one of us too. Why, oh why, then do we mercilessly compare ourselves to each other?? I have … Continue reading

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Gifts from Losses

I’ve heard that the 1st holiday following a death is the toughest… Christmas is here and my parents aren’t. They’ve always been a part of our celebrations, and it seems strange not to have them around. Our joy over their … Continue reading

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Thankfully Aware!

Today I wrote, Glory to God! on a bill I mailed. I was so thrill to pay off that account! Praise God -went in our checkbook by the entry. Incredible answers to prayer have been happening lately. Paid-off accounts, a fabulous deal on … Continue reading

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God's Little Love Notes

I am always so amazed and touched when God reaches down into my day and sends me a personal word. It could simply be a verse that seems to jump off the page or a devotional that leaves me feeling … Continue reading

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