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The Three C's

For two plus years I gleaned information from a parent support group in conjunction with our son’s out-patient sobriety program. Every Thursday night different topics were discussed among parents. One in particular came up again and again – called The … Continue reading

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When Life Gets Crazy

My mother, a typical Southern-belle, has decided she’s not ready to die right now after all (her words). We have stepped up our care for both my parents however. Especially Papa who seems to be failing very fast. We were … Continue reading

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Focusing My Mind

I run a big household and some days I am¬†overwhelmingly distracted. There’s a cacophony of noise in my head, and the kids were beginning to think I’m a chronic daydreamer. They tell me,¬†“You’re not listening, Mom.” They’re right, but I … Continue reading

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Grace – I think about it constantly. It’s in my prayers every day. I read about it again just this morning in a perfectly timed email. Can we truly ever get to the bottom of it’s well? Can we define … Continue reading

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Life goes on

Life goes on in the midst of crisis. Houses have to cleaned, groceries have to be shopped for, doctor appointments and physical therapy. My dad has been trying to care for my mom, but this is not his habit or … Continue reading

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