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7 years ago…

At my in-laws: “Home” from the hospital, and finally on the ¬†long¬†road to recovery. All together as a family. ❤️ ❤️ Unbelievably in-time for Christmas to arrive, complete with snow and many other miracles. What an extra fragile, extra monumental … Continue reading

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Stop Everything!

God’s timing is a curious thing. There’s no figuring it at the moment, but sometimes …looking back the fuzziness clears and a lightbulb turns on. I’m in the fuzzy part right now. My husband, David, his bro-n-law, one of our … Continue reading

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My wonder of a husband had yet another colon check up with his doctor in Alabama. He has been having some new “issues” as of January this year that progressed until they couldn’t be ignored. He was due for a … Continue reading

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This last year has been about the biggest test of trust I’ve ever had. Since about a month following my husband’s last surgery, I’ve been putting down on paper the story of his bought with cancer. I think it’s important … Continue reading

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