A word I don’t like.

Cancer. Yuck. I heard it growing up regarding my grandfather. I was about 9. Not long after, I heard it again: my uncle, my grandmother, my two older sisters. It frightened me. The biggest shock came in 2010 when my husband 43, and dad to our 6, was diagnosed with colon-cancer. Complications, multiple surgeries, and a long stay in the hospital, did not give me any warm fuzzies for that word.

Here it was again. A lump found, the college clinic confirmed, ultra sound performed and appointment with a renown ENT… all in 7 days. After waiting 18 days for pathology on 4 biopsies, the rather large growth on our son’s thyroid was diagnosed “undetermined, but very suspect.” Surgery for a hemi-thyroidectomy was scheduled.

In the 7 weeks leading up to the procedure, Covid-19 attacked the world outside of China! In a matter of days, it reached our shores and everything began closing from universities to school, restaurants, businesses and beaches. Even dentists and eye care cancelled appointments. It was hard to keep up with how fast news was moving.

In His mercy, God provided one of the very last openings for outpatient surgery on march 18. Our amazing ENT, Dr. Athavale did an fantastic job! We are still praising God, the surgery actually happened. 7 weeks was not too long, 5:30am arrival was not too early, and the word cancer was not even too scary… because we serve a God who is BIGGER than viruses and lockdowns and diseases. He can, He will, He does!

Thank you Dr. A for being the healing hands He works through.

ForGlorySake! -Anna

Glad to be on this side 🙂

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End of me, best place to be!

Today I am just at the end of me. I don’t have any more bright ideas, and I don’t have much energy to care. I don’t think I can possibly push through, I don’t even feel like I can cry.

Been there? I sure have. More than once. More times than I can count actually. It’s the “end of me” and it feels so hopeless. But this is the point where God starts. He can finally begin His best work!

Begin to really have His way. Begin to move in specifics He could not before, because I was in the way …pushing, trying to get outcomes that were never mine to get.

He allows me to get here. He waits for me to reach bottom, like an addict. To see I can’t, so He can. It has happened before and it will happen again. At least I realize a bit sooner, try to go slower, wait more patiently. Still it’s, ok.

At the end of me is the best place to be! A deflated self, a humble acknowledging that I can’t do it… even a little. He is my only Hope. He is my only Salvation. He is my Refuge.

On God rests my salvation and my glory; God is my strong rock, my refuge.
Trust Him at all times, O people;
pour out before Him your heart.
God is a refuge for us. Selah
” Psalm 62:7–8

Yes, LORD, hear my heart.


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Love, just to love

I fell in love with this handsome college guy one Easter morning. I met him and wanted to know him through and through. I wanted to talk to him, stay with him, never leave him. It was all rather shocking to me. I had never experienced anything like that before… so I married him.

The only other One who did something similar to me was God -when I was really young. I had heard about Him but I didn’t get the full story until years later. Either way, that same insatiable appetite was undeniable: to know Him more, see Him, somehow get closer to Him.

A child has no real agenda. They aren’t trying to get something from you, they just love, to love. This is why I think Jesus called His followers little children. They only wanted to be near Him. To know Him. To love Him.

Love the LORD God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind and all your strength and then love others as you love (care for) yourselves.

It’s a natural flow. Being with God and learning about Him makes me love Him more. Trusting Him and allowing Him to love me, only draws us closer together. I can’t help but then, love God’s other children who share this same joy, and desire for more souls to know this amazing love.

Thank You Jesus, for pursing me and for showing me a love that made me fall in love with You. For a child-like curiosity You are still fulfilling. And a desire for simple faith, I love You for Who You are and all You’ve done.

ForGlorySake! –Anna

Little me… just loving

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I AM with me.

Sit. Wait. Feel His touch, His healing touch. It stills my running heart and eases my soul’s questions. You are the Answer, and all the answers are “yes” in Jesus.

Yes, You are here.

Yes, You are in control.

Yes, You know everything that’s happening.

Yes, You have a plan.

Yes, You make a way.

Yes, I can trust You.

Yes, I don’t need to worry.

Yes, I can rest and simply do the next thing.

Yes, You hear me pray for those suffering, for ears to open and eyes to see, for hearts to soften.

Yes, You care more than me.

Yes, I will remember ALL You have done… nothing is impossible with You.

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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Afraid? Fear not.

Some 300 times in scripture God says “fear not.” In other words, “have peace, you can trust Me!” Angels appearing, crisis happening, things that clearly cause fear… and God says, “don’t, stop.”

I have been in scary situations, such as sudden accidents, and it’s really hard to stop fearing on a dime. Sometimes an inner-calm has come immediately after prayer… sometimes it hasn’t. Fear can often gnaw and grow if left unchallanged.

What am I so afraid of?? I don’t fear if God is there, or whether He can hear me, or that He might not want to help. I fear this trial may be something He allows to continue and it may be uncomfortable… even painful. This could possibly last a long time, change my life, bring separation.

The good news? I do not have to fear because He loves me. I can NEVER be separated from Him! And He promises to use every tiny thing for my good and for His Glory. Whether I feel He caused it -or allowed it to happen, He remains Sovereign and will use it…all.

Trails are inevitable. Pain is a given. God ways will forever be higher than ours. He prunes to bring forth fruit. He disciplines/trials those He loves. So I will “fear not” He is to be trusted, my troubles achieve Glory!


Explanations come later 😉
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It’s a becoming…

I didn’t wake up one day with super natural faith. I wasn’t just born trusting God, or believing His every word. I remember as a child being curious and confused and afraid and a little doubtful. God drew me in slowly, teaching me about Himself. He showed me Jesus.

We become strong Saints, over time and through experiences, by choices made. Growth only starts with a “calling and accepting,” after which choosing begins. Choosing Him over others, seeking His way over mine. Dying to self… change. These bring deep roots into good soil, producing Spirit-fruit.

Theres’s a colorful drawing on my kitchen wall that makes me laugh every day. I made it as a preschooler. It’s of a terrified David running away from a smiling Goliath. I was told the correct story, I just couldn’t believe it! Not until I experienced for myself the power of an Almighty God that gives you the courage to stand up against an enemy.

It’s a reminder that I have grown and continue to grow in Him by choice. A continual, moment by moment choosing… to trust and look to The only One Who loves me fully and completely – my Creator and Savior. On easy days and hard days, I aim to keep my eyes on Him. Knowing that He is making me into something strong and beautiful.


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Hidden in the cleft

Exodus 33:13 ”Now if I have found favor in Your sight, show me Your way, that I may know You, that I may continue to find favor in Your sight. And see that these people are Your people.”

Over the years, how I have prayed prayers like Moses’: to find, to see, to continue, to know. And God has been faithful in answering again and again. I just wanted Him to “show me His Glory” (vs 18) in the midst of the trial.

I love, love, love verses 21 and 22 of the same chapter: “The Lord said, ‘Here is a place by Me; you will station yourself on a rock. When My Glory passes by, I will put you in a cleft in the rock and will cover you with My hand while I pass by.’”

Our family is weathering yet another health crisis with yet another child. But God is here!
God calls me to stand close. God calls me to wait by Him. And He promises to pass by in all His Glory!

My Rock is Jesus. God puts me in His protection and personally covers me with His hand. He has provided all that I need to see Him work. My job is to simply station myself. He will do the rest…

Thank You, Father for never leaving me uncovered and exposed. You take such personal care of Your people. We are Yours and we await steadfast, for Your Glory.


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Be a Star!

Saints of God never leave this world as they arrive. We are sanctified. Tried. Tested. Purified. The idea flows around creating a stable, solid product that will be beautiful and useful. A soul like Jesus.

We are said to be “forged in the fire.” Meaning: to be given form or shape to, especially by means of careful effort, usually under duress… with heat. But why? Why so tested? Why is this so important to God?

Besides the amazing idea that He can see diamonds in the rough, and beauty in a mess – He sees all that in me! He sees all that in you! Given the right heat at the right times in life, we will shine brilliantly:

“Don’t grumble or argue, so that you may be blameless, pure, children of God without blemish -though you live in a crooked and perverse society, in which you shine as lights in the world, by holding on to the Word of life…” Philippians 2:14-16

When we allow God to try us (without arguing or grumbling 😳) and bring us through trials of every sort… trusting His wisdom at timing and temperature, we are working with His plan to mold and shape us into beautiful bright Stars, shining for His Glory!

“For although darkness covers the earth and thick darkness the peoples; on you, ADONAI will rise; over you will be seen His Glory.” ‭‭Isaiah 60:2‬ ‭CJB‬‬

ForGlorySake! -Anna

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The struggle is real…

My friend in Germany messaged me about a man on the plane beside her mildly freaking-out when she sneezed. It’s that kind of hour …that kind of week …heck, that kind of New Year.

We’ve had impeachment hearings, talk of WWIII, a global plague of some sort, and so much crisis news flying through the airwaves since January 1, 2020.

Keeping my focus and grounding -takes purpose. It takes will. I get up and make myself open God’s Word 1st. Then stop and pray, seeking His peace of mind before looking through various news articles … I can only imagine what’s coming.

There’s a lot going on in the world! A lot to pray about… and so many to pray for. Seems even the circles around me have stepped into crisis. I’m honored to lift up names and situations before the Throne, but I must remember it takes a toll.

I have to prioritize getting fed and resting (in my soul). Rejuvenation in the Spirit: singing praises, reading encouraging stories, or speaking with uplifting sisters. I need to breathe and meditate on a psalm. And keep aware of all joy-stealers.

The struggle is real. Therefore, may I never lose sight of Who is fighting the battle. He is our Fortress and strong Deliverer. My Hero❤️


Bloom where you’re planted 🙂

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Speak up!

My mom used to say, the best thing about getting older was just being able to say what needed to be said. I think what she relished was having the courage to speak up and the white hair that allowed her to be heard.

I look around and see that precious few are offering any wise words these days. Or possibly, their practical knowledge seems drowned out by the louder, many, foolish voices. Oh, for the godly to speak up and be heard.

Why are we, who know the truth of God’s Word ever quiet… in our own homes… neighborhoods… churches. God has spent a lot of time preparing us for such a time as this. It is with heart-to-heart that the battle for the Kingdom is won.

I ask God daily for wisdom and direction in what to say and when to say it. I don’t want to misuse what He’s poured in so carefully. Timing is important, but I dare not withhold the truth.

Truth: for instance, of God‘s grace, and the blessings of having devoted my life to loving my husband and serving my family. Choosing them over me. Giving myself and money to God’s ministries. Studying His Word. Seeking His face, daily… above all else.

My dear friends 50+ years, we are the Matriarchs! The baton is in our lap. It is for us to accept our crowns of glory and share Wisdom with those coming from behind. With age comes understanding and less concern what others are thinking. Go in the wisdom of God!
Speak up!


Tricia Robinson Art 💕
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