T-SHIRT Quilts!

Order a T- Shirt Quilt 

email: ace@etheriedge.com 


9-12 shirts ($130)
16-24 shirts ($150)
25-30 shirts ($180) 
35 shirts ($210)

❤️ Backing is supplied: soft poly-blend (Minky-Dot) unless otherwise specified.

PLEASE do NOT pre-cut your shirts! 🙁

PLEASE DO use a bit of tape to specify the designs you want me to include 🙂

*Ask about Monogramming or PHOTO printing on a square

🎉 GRADUATION 🎈Anniversary

🧚‍♀️Birthday ⚽️  Bereavement

🎁 Christmas or Wedding Gift ❤️


3 Responses to T-SHIRT Quilts!

  1. g2-6a6aa249e4f03b9290fc62d6a8dfb867 says:

    You are so very creative. Your ideas simply unique! What could we do for Mama for Christmas?

  2. g2-6a6aa249e4f03b9290fc62d6a8dfb867 says:

    Maybe we could buy t-shirts, each one of us (Christian, love, something special to each child, like Buddy, a flute, soccer ball, something beachie….). Sounds special to me.

  3. Thank you!!! Yes Lets do that 🙂

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