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Worth the wait

Incase we haven’t had coffee together or lunch, you may not know: I’m the 1st to admit, I‘ve had issues. Selfish, pigheaded issues! And so have my kids. They unfortunately inherited my genes- as all humans do- sinful, willful, stubborn … Continue reading

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Reaching Out

As Believers we have been given such a gift! A hope, a joy, an assurance by grace, a peace, an intimate knowledge of the One True God. How can I not reach out and share this amazing love with any … Continue reading

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Eyes to see

beyond this realm on the horizon where hope can dwell. Beyond what’s visible where spirit soars where giving leads and blessings pour. Trustful belief In provision prepared assurance that God has already been there. That’s where I live there to … Continue reading

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Messy, Surprising, Glorious

Life is just a mess. “Like herding cats,” my mom would say. She spoke of children but that pretty much covers life on earth. Unpredictable, shocking, amazing… all in one lifetime. One gets ideas and sets goals and pretty as … Continue reading

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All year I’ve been feeling a push… push to pray, to fast and prepare. I’m not exactly sure what for, other than general growth spiritually… in myself and my family. I had been fasting previously at-random (whenever I felt it … Continue reading

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2019 tee shirt quilts

I feel so blessed to be trusted with my clients’ memories and keepsakes. You folks are THE BEST! Friends, family and former clients send me the absolute sweetest people… and their shirts 😉 Love you all, Anna

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What I got wrong.

That we needed to be perfect parents 🙏🏼 That if we did all the prescribed things, the kids would just fall in line 😂 That prayer was just for me🙏🏼 That Christmas was all about presents🎁 That coffee was just … Continue reading

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“Your eyes could see me as an embryo, but in your book all my days were already written; my days had been shaped before any of them existed.” Tehillim (Psalm) 139:16 Complete Jewish Bible Every day shaped? Even today? My awake time- asleep … Continue reading

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Coming home

After 2 “seasons” and a summer, I moved home. At 19 my father had lovingly told me, “you have 5 years to find a life-support system.” 😂 He did not hold much hope for making money in ballet… especially in … Continue reading

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No imposters, No pretenders!

Jesus warned His sheep, all other potential guides were to be evaluated for fruit, their words sifted and actions weighed. Strong caution was advised! When my children were small it was easy to warn them, telling them when and how … Continue reading

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