Brazilian love

In my heart I journey south… way south. 10,000 miles, to a country with children I love. Over the years: 6 through Compassion International and countless others with Hope Unlimited.

Beautifully tan and dark headed, their eyes look at me in photos I’ve saved. I call out their names in prayer, writing letters. Hoping some day to hug them, kiss their cheeks, hear their voices.

Why Brazil?

My husband started this 31 years ago. He went there in college to study and to learn. He taught me about the people and culture. I fell in love also. We have waited a long time to visit. In the interim I read and imagine, try to learn the language.

Someday – what will it be like? Will I find more similarities than differences?

Traveling seems to make the world smaller. Unique but not actually foreign. It’s been amazing to enter other cultures and experience life. Individuals become real…with stories. They are now forever tethered to my heart.❤️

The irony of my former ballet company setting up a base there is almost too much. After the travel ban, Brazil? I pray so…


Hope Unlimited 💜💚🧡
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